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  Skyweb 5271ac2952 Why does the url change and why does the content type not change with it? 1 month ago
  Skyweb c6c6c87559 Why is content_type unreliable 1 month ago
  Skyweb 0159517cae Better embed/attachment handling 1 month ago
  Skyweb bde732320f Organised pin commands 1 month ago
  Skyweb dc8aa55e80 Channel specific archiving and embed paginator fix 1 month ago
  Skyweb b67b630a23 Remove accidental stats cog 1 month ago
  Skyweb 9f0b1458a9 Truncated pointless lengthy functions 1 month ago
  Skyweb 9ce79a9634 Added pin archiving cog 1 month ago
  Skyweb 78d5ae50e2 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitea.skyweb.nu:1108/Skyweb/Sora-chan 8 months ago
  Skyweb dc9c3dddfe Moved eval code back, fixed small bug in embed/help 2 years ago
  Skyweb cadea1ec81 Moved eval code back, fixed small bug in embed/help 2 years ago
  Skyweb b3d1dda8c2 Autoformat with black, length 125 2 years ago
  Skyweb e4e4558c76 Bug fix in cogs command 2 years ago
  Skyweb 9f94fd2680 Custom context for message tracking 2 years ago
  Skyweb 4fc702c5a9 Add requirements.txt 2 years ago
  Skyweb 4786bb7bc6 Removed useless any() 2 years ago
  Skyweb 6c0b398e5d Remove useless try except 2 years ago
  Skyweb e48e844767 (Re)loading cogs and minor fixes 2 years ago
  Skyweb 57d0019dd7 Add pat command 2 years ago
  Skyweb e578ea31b1 Fixed forgotten file name change 2 years ago
  Skyweb c3b314a684 Remove annoying startup message 2 years ago
  Skyweb 768ee7bfcb Add uptime command 2 years ago
  Skyweb a3d4ca4bb7 Organised function overwrites and misc 2 years ago
  Skyweb 9d6e1e6b7a Add lastfm user not found handling 2 years ago
  Skyweb 93d4e08e8b Better logout, fix embedinator wait_for 2 years ago
  Skyweb ee70d105ef Redis db selection, minor bug fixes 2 years ago
  Skyweb feeb16f592 Initial commit 2 years ago